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Snaptec Australia is a specialized power equipment distributor and business direct supplier of: DC uninterrupted power supplies (DC UPS), power inverters, power conditioners, battery chargers, power supplies / rectifiers, DC/DC converters, frequency converters, and telecom, utility, & mobile power systems.

Snaptec Australia's business model serves the electrical wholesale trade, power dealers, and business to business direct in telecommunications, utility, marine, railway, avionic, military, and industrial power applications. We are a leading and innovative global Internet supplier with warehouse in Sydney Australia, from which clients are served around the world. Our commitment is to offer effective power quality and power conversion solutions for our energy-reliant world. Providing clients with an extensive and powerful product range has earned for us the trust and confidence of thousands of satisfied clients.

Snaptec Australia is proud to feature a wide range of power conversion equipment, and many established power brands. With our diversity of products and services we are continuing to develop the company's brand as a complete power quality solution. We look forward to be of service to you.. It is our mission!

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Unit 29 / 15 Valediction Rd
Kings Park , NSW , 2148
Ph: 61 - 2 - 9676 2344
Fax: 61 - 2- 8569 0659

P. O. Box 141
Doonside NSW 2767


Skype User Name: snaptec.australia

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Snaptec Australia Pty. Ltd.  ABN: 82 118 846 638       ACN:118 846 638




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